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In-Home Consultation with Residential Designers for Accurate Quotes"

Expand Your Living Space with New Rooms, Second Story Additions, and Space Enhancements

Enhance Your Home with Custom Room Additions by BPG Custom Homes

When considering home additions such as a family room, great room, new bedroom, master suite, or home office, BPG Custom Homes' room addition services in Fredericksburg are tailored to bring your vision to life while staying within your budget.


Our process begins with an in-home consultation conducted by our residential designers. We believe that an accurate quote is best provided through a well-crafted design. After understanding your needs and agreeing on a design, we meticulously create a customized plan that aligns with your requirements and financial considerations. Every detail is carefully designed and priced, ensuring transparency from start to finish.


With our home addition remodeling service, you'll clearly understand your improvement costs. We address a common concern of insufficient budget allocation for quality fixtures and finishes by offering materials through our approved vendors with contractors' discounts. This approach minimizes unexpected surprises, ensuring your project remains on track and on budget.


Elevate Your Space with a Second Story Addition


Are you considering a second story addition? BPG Custom Homes, the trusted second-story contractor in Fredericksburg, brings quality, value, and satisfaction to your project. Our process begins with a thorough in-home consultation, followed by a personalized plan created by our residential designers. Detailed project specifications and an accurate quote are provided, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the project's scope.


If you're looking to expand your living area without sacrificing outdoor space, a custom second-story addition from BPG Custom Homes offers a solution that maintains your valuable landscaping while delivering additional space.

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